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What Does Play Therapy Mean?

It is often not the Play Therapist that introduces the idea of Play Therapy to the child before the sessions begin. This can be quite difficult for the parent/carer to do. Previously, I have been asked what they should say to their child about what Play Therapy is. I wanted to make this easier for the parent/carer and beneficial for both them and the child.

I decided to make this short video for the parent/carer to share with their child. They can watch together and learn more about what the child will experience during their sessions. It may create questions for the child, this is a great time for them to come up as it gives the grown up time to discover the answers for them.

I hope you enjoy.

Please take a look around the Time2Play website, where you should find the answers to any questions you may have regarding play therapy and my other services – for any further information, please feel free to give me a call on 0330 900 0080 for a friendly, no-obligation chat.

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SandStory Therapy

I am so pleased to share that I am now a fully qualified SandStory Therapist!

I have used sand within my practice for some time and it is very popular with the clients that I work with. Although I felt confident using my Play Therapy skills whilst using the sand, I felt something was missing. I came across SandStory Therapy and just loved the sound of it. After speaking to the trainer, Lara Kasza, who shared my passion for the sand and the clients she works with, I was keen to learn more so signed up instantly.

Attending the training, I met the most lovely group of colleagues. We shared expereinces, offered each support and guidance and absorbed a lot of information. The training was a balance of theory and practical activities, which allowed us to put the theory into practice. As the training progressed I could feel myself getting more excited about using this new skill with my clients. It was giving me the extra confidence I needed to support them whilst they were in the sand during our sessions together.

The very first session after the training I felt like a new therapist. Having used sand for such a long time I suddenly felt like my clients were able to share and explore so much more, or I am hearing more of what they are ‘saying’! I will be adding a new section to my website detailing what SandStory Therapy is, however, below is a summary from the creator.

'SandStory Therapy combines the therapeutic use of Sandtray Therapy with the expressive elements of story telling so that a client is able to 'tell their story in the sand'. -Lara Kasza.

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