What is Time2Play?

Time2Play is professional play therapy for children

Time2Play is a professionally delivered non-directive play therapy for children who need some help to understand their feelings following an emotional, personal or familial trauma.

Every child instinctively knows what they need to heal, grow and develop – but, like anyone, they may sometimes need support to believe in their ability to do this. My role as a play therapist is to offer a safe environment where children can solve their own problems and reflect back in a way that will assist in the healing process. The name says it all... We all know how important play is to a child’s development: I chose Time2Play as the name of my play therapy practice because it emphasises the significance of ensuring a child has the opportunity to explore their world, and make sense of their muddled feelings, through play. Play is the ideal therapy for children because it’s fun, exciting, and they have the freedom to imagine anything they want! For example:
  • A plain cardboard box becomes a spaceship
  • A blanket becomes a safari tent in the depths of Africa
  • A set of saucepans become a drum kit in your sell out rock band!
Play is the universal language of children. It’s the most effective way for a child to learn – it’s spontaneous, stimulating and nothing can be ‘wrong’. During play therapy, the child is completely in control, and can take it wherever they want to go. Through play, a child can explore and understand their world around them.

Time2Play therapy sessions

Your child’s Time2Play session will be totally led by them – by providing them with the freedom to find their own process, and accepting the whole of the child, we validate the importance of them as an individual, rather than the importance of the problem they’re presenting. By playing and engaging with toys, games and their vast imagination, the play therapy session gives them a natural way to:
  • Explore themselves as unique individuals
  • Understand their relationships with others
  • Practice different roles
  • Explore emotions and difficult issues
  • Make sense of their experiences

If the child is struggling to ‘untangle’ complex feelings and make sense of their experiences, their play therapist will offer them gentle, unobtrusive support.

You can learn more about what happens in play therapy, how it can help, and the role of a play therapist here on the website, or if you’d like to have an informal, no-obligation chat about my play therapy services, please call me on 0330 900 0080.

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