Play therapy for grief, trauma, abuse and more…

There are lots of reasons that a child may need play therapy, and parents and carers often find themselves referring children to therapy due to their response to a specific event, or upon noticing behaviours that indicate an underlying problem, such as:

  • A sudden change in general mood, such as becoming withdrawn
  • Behaviour that’s difficult to manage
  • Behaviour that’s affecting their families and those around them
  • Disinterest and lack of motivation
  • Anger or extreme emotions

Play therapy provides a highly effective way to treat children with a wide range of problems – some of the most common reasons for referring a child for play therapy are listed here:

  • Nightmares or disturbed sleep
  • At risk of educational exclusion
  • Has suffered trauma
  • Has suffered emotional, physical or sexual abuse
  • Is being, or is due to be, adopted or fostered
  • Struggling with parents’ separation/divorce
  • Anxiety, depression, stress or phobias
  • Loss or bereavement
  • Suffers with illness, a disability, or condition such as autism
  • Finds it difficult to make friends
  • Argues frequently with peers or siblings
  • Bullies others or is being bullied
  • Displays inappropriate social/sexual behaviour
  • Not realising their full academic or social potential

Who can refer a child for play therapy?

Play therapy referrals can come from any significant adult in the child’s life, and are most often made by parents, carers, teachers and social workers.

In order for play therapy to take place, the child must have some current stability in their home life and a parent or carer who is willing to support the therapy.

If you know a child who you feel may need play therapy to help them overcome grief, trauma, or any other emotional or personal issue, please call me on 0330 900 0080 for a no-obligation chat.

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